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5 Steps To Make Homemade Compost

Compost is a major element of natural gardening and is part of a recycling approach and an increasingly autonomous functioning of our homes. It allows you to reduce the amount of garbage produced by your household (and your garden), and you will produce a 100% natural fertilizer! Compost is the best kind of soil: rich and natural.

Why compost?

  • It is ecological and economical
  • It is practical in terms of waste management
  • It is good for plants and the planet

With which material ?

  • A bin (bought in a garden center or home made) high enough and with a lid
  • Your household and garden waste (see table)

How to do it right ?

Step 1 : find a place close to the kitchen, accessible, and not concreted

Step 2: break up and mix nitrogen-rich waste (wet waste) and carbon-rich waste (dry waste). The ideal proportion is one-third brown waste to two-thirds green waste.

Step 3: aerate regularly (every 3 to 4 weeks) with a fork to bring oxygen and control humidity

Step 4: protect your compost from humidity (hence the importance of the lid)

Step 5: be patient, the compost is only usable after a minimum of 8 months of fermentation.

How to know if the compost is ready?

A good compost is very dark in color, almost black. It smells good, with an odor close to that of the earth or undergrowth. Overall, when the compost is mature, the composted materials are no longer identifiable,

Note: By making home-made compost, you can reduce your household waste by up to 30%!

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