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How To Plant Strawberry Plants?

Among the red fruits, the strawberry is the most appreciated by gardeners. Whether it is to be eaten in jam, in pastry or simply as a fruit, it allows to vary the pleasures. If it delights all the gourmands, there are some rules to know on how to plant them and on the existing varieties.

When to plant strawberry plants?

Spring (between March and April) and fall (September) are the two periods when strawberry plants can be planted. They can be planted in pots or in compressed clumps, just like young vegetable plants.

Which strawberry varieties to choose?

The range of strawberry varieties available is vast. Each one has its own flavor, sugar content or acidity level, its shape, its color (there are golden yellow and white ones.)

Your sweet tooth should be your guide. Planting 2 or 3 different varieties allows you to vary the pleasures and to spread out the harvest by choosing strawberries that ripen at different times.

  • Non-remontant varieties will offer you a single abundant harvest, generally between May and June.
  • Everbearing varieties which have two production periods between May and June, then from August to the frosts.
  • Four-season varieties, generally with small fruits resembling wild strawberries, which produce strawberries from June to frost.

How many strawberry plants to plant?

25 to 30 strawberry plants will suffice for a family of four: one-third non-remontant variety (large production between May and June for jams) and two-thirds remontant varieties (fresh fruit, pies and other desserts).

What to plant strawberry plants with?

  • Compost
  • a special strawberry fertilizer
  • strawberry plants in plugs or pots
  • a spade
  • a claw
  • a transplanter
  • a watering can

How to plant strawberry plants?


1. Prepare the soil

Strawberry plants are planted for at least three years, so it is worthwhile to prepare the soil well: they will be more productive.

A fortnight before planting, spade deeply, weed and bring 8 to 10 kg of well decomposed compost per square meter as well as a complete fertilizer (follow the doses recommended on the packaging).

2. Moisten the roots

Soak the strawberry plugs or cups in a basin of water.

If the plants already have flowers, it is better to cut them off. Your strawberry plants should focus all their energy on rooting, and more waves of flowers will come next.

3. Planting the strawberry plants

Prepare a spot every 25 cm in rows 35 to 40 cm apart. Use the line to guide you to plant straight.

If the strawberries are in a bucket, unstuff them. Install each strawberry plant by adjusting the depth of the hole: the collar, the junction between leaves and roots, must be flush with the surface of the soil.

4. Close the hole with the soil in place.

Firmly pack down and water thoroughly when all the strawberry plants are planted.

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